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Easy Installation As It Is Self Adhesive Uv Laminated For Weather Proof Performance All The Signs And Symbols Used As Per Norms Sticks To Any Smooth Solid Surface,Size : 200 X 150 mm Packaging Included :- 4Pcs


UV resistant feature

The UV resistant feature of this No Smoking Sign Board Sign Board makes this sticker more resistant to the UV rays from the sun. That, in turn, ensures that the print on the signboard does not fade away that easily.  

The sign is waterproof

This No Smoking Sign Board Sign is waterproof thanks to its design and materials used. It ensures that this sticker does not get damaged on exposure to rain or any kind of water.  

Heat resistant feature

The heat resistant quality of Brainta No Smoking Sign Board makes this sticker more durable. It helps to increase the durability of the sign board in the long run.